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my name is aura (or natalidae) and hecking drown me in setomary

i'm the tentacle lady everyone talks about




your humble spymaster




my songs have vague suspicions about what you did in the dark

let’s precariously light these objects up

i am moderately aflame

x kagepro x mary x konoha x
x arc v x yuuya x

intense shopping for day 3 in tokyo!

1: I went back to ikebukuro so I could eat the delicious ice cream again oops

2, 3, 4: back to asakusa for more leisurely strolling!! we shopped around for keychains

5: the official CAPCOM store in odaiba with ace attorney merch! I bought a few buttons

6&7: lunch in odaiba in a pseudo traditional japanese restaurant /o/

8: someone likes their anime a little too much (the person standing next to her has an even more decked out bag but I couldn’t get a good picture)

Kuroshitsuji / Noah’s Circus Arc / Ciel Phantomhive